Why a women’s character is judged by her outfit ?

Women may have conquered every milestone and proven time and again that they are as capable as men. 

But the fact remains that they are miles way from being treated well.

Women here are judged from the way way they dress. Why is our society still shackled by these age old beliefs? How difficult is being a women in such a society?

How to dress is a personal choice. It depends on one’s level of comfort. Whatever type of dressing you feel comfortable in, you should be free to follow it.

We can’t only blame men for this, women themselves are the harshest critics of each other. Women in our society are judged mostly over their choice of clothing. A lady wearing jeans is considered easy while women beyond a certain age cannot wear certain articles of clothing. What a women wears is seen as a label of her character.

As a woman, you grow up knowing that every day you will be judged on your looks. A woman has to give higher priority to what the society thinks rather than her own opinion.

if someone judges a girl based on her attire, it says more about the character of that person than it does about the girl. The way you dress is your choice, it doesn’t define your character. 

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power of Love 

Guys this a beautyfull article written by my friend suprita raha👉 https://touch.facebook.com/suprita.raha?fref=ts

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➡But i could’nt run anymore. I couldn’t runway from the past anymoreand i certainly couldn’t pretend to be quiet little girl anymore.because if i wanted ti know what happened, what really happened to me then i’d have to face everything i have been cowering away from. I stopped just for one second and allowed myself to look back.to look at my friends who are still standing there waving at me from a distance.to look back at the life i had, the life i could have had and the life i was leaving behind.

Sometimes i wander, what i would have done if i had known about everything that would follow, the pain, the heartbreak and worst of all the loss.would i have turned back? Turned back to being perfectly ordinary and the girl with the perfectly ordinary family. A perfectly happy family.

I supppose i would have led a far more peacefull life that way.but instead i do the one thing that i would do even if i was given this choice all over again.

Thats the thing that most stories dont tell you about love.the flipside to the sunshine, bitterflies and all the things that come with fairtales about true love.

Love has the power to ruin you.it’s not nearly as nice as we see in fairytales.it’s meant to be hard. It’s meant to test you to your very limit and if it is too easy that means you’re not doing it right.
if romeo had the choice to take back loving juliet knowing what his love would do to her in the end. What do you think he would have done?

Would he have wished that he’d never met her?

Would he have wished that he’d never love her?

Would juliet have taken it all back knowing her fate?

Well if i was her i probably would’nt have afterall you can’t help who you fall in love with.

But definietly you can make a decision weather to fight for them or not, weather you are willing to take your stand next to them against the world if you have to.

Sure i’d have done a whole lot of things differently if i’d have been juliet.

To be perfectly honest movies depicting love should have a warning attached to it- caution: do not try this at home. This things are performed only in fairytales by the princess.

In real world the danger of finding love is that you never know where you’ll find it.

It’s the magic of love that we do terrible things for eachother. Love is what makes it all worth.

But it also has the power to ruin you, unravel you in ways you can’t even imagine if you fall in love with wrong person.